Arrest Made in Mother's Day Murder of Teen Mother

2:01 PM, May 28, 2002   |    comments
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DC police have made an arrest in the Mother's Day slaying of a teen mother. The suspect is another teenager and former boyfriend. The family and friends of Shirlita Colon turned out for a memorial service shortly after her death. The teen mother had left a baby Destiny Colon who turns three months Tuesday, and Shirlita's family was determined to keep the pressure on DC police to find her murderer, to put up the same effort they'd seen in the Chandra Levy case. Fifteen-year-old Shirlita Colon had been shot to death on Mother's Day in an alley not far from their Southeast Apartment on G street. It turns out that police did not look long or far for their suspect. Sunday night, they arrested a neighbor and former boyfriend, 17-year-old Dante Allen who stayed on G street at his grandmother's apartment. Allen was arrested without incident in the 27-hundred block of Langston Terrace last night. He's charged as an adult with murder one for the slaying of Shirlita Colon. Allen was among the last to see Shirlita alive. The family isn't certain that Dante Allen is the father of Shirlita's child. They do know the job of raising Destiny is now theirs. Like police the family says it knows of no reason why anyone would want to kill young Shirlita Colon.

Written by Bruce Johnson

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