Harrison Barnes, Jeremy Lamb, Jared Sullinger are NBA Prospects on the Wizards Radar

11:55 AM, Mar 15, 2012   |    comments
Who will come in and help John Wall right away?
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- At 9-32 on the season, the Wizards currently hold the third worst winning percentage in the league -- ahead of Charlotte and New Orleans Hornets, the team Washington plays Thursday evening.

The NBA draft lottery is supposedly random. Somehow though, the Wizards lucked out with the first overall pick in 2010 following Abe Pollin's death and the Gilbert arenas fiasco, and Cleveland nabbed the first pick in 2011, the first draft after LeBron's decision.

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Regardless of what you think of the whole process, the Wizards will more than likely be picking in the top five of the 2012 NBA Draft. Washington's swiss cheese roster is full of holes, particularly in the scoring category. It is a foregone conclusion that current general manager Ernie Grunfeld will be fired sometime before the draft. The new head honcho will have a cluster of college talent to choose from.

Let's assume the Wizards own the second overall pick for the sake of this article. That eliminates the clear number one guy, Anthony Davis from Kentucky. The other viable candidates aren't all fits for the Wizards.

Harrison Barnes

UNC (29-5), 6-foot-8, Sophomore, Guard/Forward

What I like: Athletic drives to the bucket, pull-up jump shooter, great ball-handler, excellent attitude on life, can guard multiple positions on defense.

What I don't like: Worried he won't be able to consistently hit NBA three-pointers, plays smaller than he's actually listed, struggled his freshman year meaning there may be a learning curve, averaged only one assists per game this season.

Does he fit with the Wizards?: I'm torn, but I lean towards no. The Wizards need someone who can come in and score points immediately and Barnes seems to be a guy who potentially could solve that issue. I'm worried Barnes is more of a project who may end being more like Golden State's Brandon Rush -- an excellent college player who takes a few years to develop.

Jeremy Lamb

UCONN (20-13), 6-foot-5, Sophomore, Shooting Guard

What I like: Has a 7-foot-1 wingspan, explosive with the basketball, excellent outside shooter, knows what winning feels like.

What I don't like: Very frail, average defender, does not get to the free throw line, UCONN has struggled this season with Lamb as the best player.

Does he fit with the Wizards?: Yes. Lamb has potential to be an elite shooting guard in the NBA and could mesh well with John Wall in transition. Lamb would be the guy taking the last shots for Washington and he's great in halfcourt sets.

Jared Sullinger

Ohio State (27-7), 6-foot-9, Sophomore, Power Forward/Center

What I like: 285-pound oak tree in the middle, loves being physical with opponents, rebounding machine, best post moves in the draft, soft hands and great footwork.

What I don't like: Not very athletic, will struggle guarding versatile big men, his heftiness could shorten his playing time in an 82 game season.

Does he fit with the Wizards?: Not exactly. Trevor Booker has solidified himself at the power forward position. While Sullinger is best when his back is to the basket, his size would make him one of the smaller centers in the league.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist

Kentucky (32-2), 6-foot-6, Freshman, Small Forward

What I like: Elite defender, game-changing rebounder, play's bigger than he's listed, wears down his opponent with pure hard work.

What I don't like: Will struggle to score in the NBA, not a jump shooter, could be a better dribbler.

Does he fit with the Wizards?: Absolutely not. The last thing the Wizards need is another forward who can't score the basketball -- Chris Singleton, Jan Vesely.

Bradley Beale

Florida (23-10), 6-foot-4, Freshman, Shooting Guard

What I like: Best shooter in the draft, underrated defender, doesn't force shots, above average passer.

What I don't like: He isn't great in transition, his height isn't ideal, not aggressive at taking it to the rim.

Does he fit with the Wizards?: Yes. Everybody in the Wizards media have clamored for the team to surround John Wall with more shooters. Beale is not similar to Jordan Crawford because he doesn't dominate the ball, leaving JC as a different option off the bench.

Other potential forward's include Kansas' Thomas Robinson, Baylor's Perry Jones, UCONN's Andre Drummond and Mississippi State's Arnett Moultrie. All of these guys have plenty of question marks, by the way. 

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