Occupy Protesters Disrupt Armed Services Hearing

6:06 AM, Oct 14, 2011   |    comments
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CAPITOL HILL, DC (WUSA) -- Capitol Police arrested seven Occupy protesters today as the anti-war, anti-Wall Street demonstrations continue.

"You are murdering people! You are murdering people!" yelled one as he was pushed out of the House Armed Services Committee hearing room where Defense Secretary Leon Panetta was testifying.

She was quickly replaced by another protester who yelled "How many lives are going to be sacrificed!?" before she too was forced out.

The protesters are convinced ten years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq have not been worth the money and blood.

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There are protests now across the city. Activists from the DC Jobs or Else Coalition and the Laborers Union invited Occupy DC to join them as they chanted, blocked trucks, and demanded more jobs for DC residents at the City Center construction site. 

"700-million dollar project right here and they're not enough DC residents on this project," said organizer Richie Armstrong.  

Matt Haas, project manager for the Clark/Smoot partnership that's building City Center says 41 percent of the people employed on the site are DC residents, and 50 percent of the new hires are.

At the rain-soaked Occupy DC encampment on McPherson Square, word some how failed to get out to join the DC jobs protest. "We're re-grouping from the rain," said Sarah Otto. She insists the protesters will stay in the square through winter, even if they have to construct igloos and snow caves.

Meantime, the Stop the Machine group down on Freedom Plaza is planning a mass coalition protest for Saturday's "International Day of Action." They'll march against Bank of America, one of the largest holders of underwater mortgages in the country.

Written and Reported by Bruce Leshan
9News Now & wusa9.com

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